Care For Yourself So You Can Care For Them.

We are moms. This labels entire identity is centered on caring for other humans no matter how dependent or independent they are. This care we provide for them, this free service we give day in and day out provides us with a sense of joy because we love them so much. But what  happens when our health no longer allows us to care for them? What happens when we get a glimpse of what their lives would be if we are not able to function at 100%?
This is what happened to me. I came face to face with that reality, and little did I know the solution was in my ability to change my daily habits.
So here I am, a fellow mother, with a masters degree in exercise physiology, and a servant to you and your families. I desire nothing else than to help you make sure you can serve your families daily. 
How do this online personal trainer intend to help your family? By first helping you obtain a physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing that is...MOMTAINABLE!