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5 Tips For Getting in Shape At Home.

As a mom, sometimes we want the best of both worlds. One of these have your cake and eat it too issues includes getting in shape without spending hours at the gym away from your family.

Is it even possible to make your health a priority with our sacrificing your families time? Definitely!

Here are 5 easy tips you can implement to make sure you can achieve your fitness goals at home.

  1. Create a Schedule.

This may seem obvious, but if you don't schedule in your workout, its probably not going to happen. You don't have to have every second of your day planned out, but creating a workflow for the day will help make sure that workout gets done. Here is an example of how our mornings look at the Bolte house....

- wake up/drink coffee and read the Bible while E & A watch one of their favorite shows.

- get everyone dressed (or some what presentable)

- head to the garage or backyard to let the kids play while I WORKOUT!

- head inside for a snack!

Creating a schedule or at least a flow helps hold my littles off long enough to let me complete my workout. They know that as soon as mommy gets done with her workout they will get to have a snack. When kids know what to expect next they are typically much more compliant. This may take a couple weeks to instill in them but be consistent and it will pay off!

2. Don't say no to a workout until you have your entire workout outfit on. Shoes and all!

There are always mornings or days that just get the best of you. Skipping a workout would be so much easier or maybe you could just do it later? If your usual workout time is getting close....go put your workout clothes on. Chances are, once you are dressed you'll just get it done!

3. Have healthy snack options on hand.

Nothing can make me fall off course faster than a sugary, fat loaded, preservative heavy snack. When I've spent all my time caring for others and I realize I'm hungry...the temptation to reach for that snack is real! But if I have a healthy snack option on hand it is much easier to say "No, I do not want that!"

4. Get your family involved.

This was one of the biggest factors in helping me stay motivated. If I had created a hard workout and I was feeling tired before I was done, I would ask my 3 year old to help me count. Not only did this spark some energy because I didn't want her to see me quit, but it also helped reinforce counting skills!

If you have older kids create a challenge. Set a day, 3 weeks out and hold a contest (ex, who can do the most sit up in a minute; the most push-ups, can hold a plank the longest) get creative! Then train for that! Don't let them beat you!

You can even get your husband involved with these contest!

5. Create a back-up plan.

Things change in an instant. You may have to run a specific errand so you can't workout at you planned time. All your workout clothes may be dirty (happens!). You may need to go to the grocery store, or you just can't seem to find a way to get your family involved. Always have a backup plan! ALWAYS!

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