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5 Ways Moms can Lose Weight At Home

Moms are busy!! I mean we only have a couple thousand things to do on the day-to-day, so that gives us plenty of time to spend hours at the gym.......NOPE!

Moms are personal chefs, house cleaners, errand runners, personal assistants, laundry mats, pet care workers, chauffeurs, wife, friends, and school and church volunteers all rolled into one plus the things I forgot! And let's not discount that side hustle you're running to make extra income for your family! We do it all! But finding time to got to the gym and be away from our families is just not our favorite option!

So..sometimes we just have to take the time we can get and use it!

Here are 5 ways that a mom can lose weight at home during the day-to-day grind!

1. Sit Less!

It is litterally as simple as that. If you're folding laundry, stand. If you're feeding a baby, walk. If you, for some odd reason, get to watch one of your shows on tv, march in place. Just sit down less!

Weight loss tips while folding laundry

2. Have a water bottle or cup filled and on the counter!

Find your favorite water bottle or cup and fill it up first thing in the moring with water. Take a drink everytime you pass by. Depending on the size you may need to refill it! (Fun fact: If you feel're already showing signs of dehydration!)

prefilled water cup for weight loss

3. Aim to get 10 minute mini workouts in

Finding a large chunk of time in our day without making a plan for it can be difficult. If all you can find right now is 10 minutes a day then awesome! Use that 10 minutes! Even better if you can find 2 or 3 different ten minute spots to use!

At home exercise for moms

4. Play!

This is my kids favorite option! Play active games with them, hopscotch, jump rope, tag, chase, walk around like animals. If you have older kids play some sort of sport or even an active video game that you have to stand and move to actually play. If your child is tiny, lay them on a play mat and get up and down on the floor and play pick-a-boo. Sit them safely some where and do squats behind the couch to play pick-a-boo. Just play!

Mother working out with baby

5. Have a random dance party!

Crank up some music and act silly! Get moving. If you have littles, they will think its great! If you have olders and this would be completely out of character for you they may look at you like you're crazy, will create a memory of you that will last a lifetime with them!

Exercising with children

If you're looking for more ways to get active at home check out my free trial!

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