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Does your Sports Bra Fit?

This mom thing changes your body a bit...(haha just a bit) and if you breastfed...welllllllll.....(no sham in not breast feeding, I'm sure you look perkier than me these days!) So.... those sports bras from college, they may not be fitting properly.

Does it really matter if they fit? Absolutely! So many women get injuries from working out in ill fitting sports bras. If you have a certain goal of trying to lift your breasts up a tad and you have an ill fitting bra on, you could be compromising any progress you make.

So sports bras are very very important!

Now...I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on bra fit. I finally got measured for a bra for my first time ever like 6 months ago! So not going to help you with how to tell if it is fitting.

I can give you this killer link though. Side not I am NOT associated with Adidas nor am I saying you should buy one of their sports bras. I just really liked this article and their videos. (Pretty sure I don't even own an Adidas sports bra!)


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