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How minimalism helped me exercise more

I am not a great house cleaner/keeper. God just didn't create me that way. In fact if there is too much of a mess I just get overwhelmed and shut down and don't clean at all. Then it just keeps getting worse, and I want to just go lay down and ignore it. Like this....

But I can't, I'm a mom so I have to do all the things still. So eventually I just got sick of stuff and started throwing it away if it was out and I didn't have a place to put it. Then 2 things happened....

First...I was less overwhelmed so I was able to actually find my counter to clean it off. It was magical!

Second...I enjoyed being in the space around me so I enjoyed moving in that space more. I looked forward to getting to use my clean floor to workout on.

So if you are at all like I was (and still get sometimes), simply overwhelmed by the constant picking up and cleaning that you can't even think about taking more time out of your day to exercise...maybe you simply need less stuff! Its worth a shot!

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