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Routines for moms that can't stick to schedules

So let's get one thing straight first....I am one of the furthest their is from wanting a routine or schedule. They bore me, I can't make myself stick to them and honestly if I try to stick to certain time frames and activities for my kids, I get overwhelmed and end up doing pretty much anything that is the exact opposite of what I should be doing. (Yes, I am a 7 if you couldn't tell!)

In fact one year I bought a planner that had time slots in it that you could fill out and plan everything out by 30 minute intervals.....Yeah...didn't end up buying one of those again!

So let me give you other ladies that don't thrive from routine a piece of mind. This is not about a strict, time planned out schedule that I make my kids and I stick to every day. This is more of just a flow of the day to day.

I have noticed however, this routine helps my kids with knowing what is coming next. When they are less surprised, they are less anxious, and when they are less anxious, they are happier!

So here is a glimpse of our daily routine.

  • Wake up

  • Eat breakfast and color or watch a show

  • Get dressed

  • Go play in the garage or backyard while mommy workouts out. Or go for a ride in the stroller!

  • Come inside and have a snack

  • Play/School

  • Lunch

  • Play/School

  • Nap

  • Snack

  • Play

  • Dinner

Notice.. there are no times... and somedays we skip things, some days we bump up nap time, some days we don't get a workout in until after nap time. Some days mommy wants to workout by herself so she waits until nap time.

Now to some this may not sound like a routine at all. But to us non routine types its the closest thing to structured that we want to get and can actually handle being! If your goal in trying to develop a routine is so that you can make sure you get your workout in. I would really suggest making sure everyday it comes after a certain element in your day.

Not only will it help you develop a subconscious schedule of events but it will deveople that in your kids, so they will help keep you accountable. Every time my little asks if it is time to go outside, I know that is my cue to workout!

Any other "non schedule" moms going to try this?

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