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What Is a Healthy Weight for women?

Weight can be tricky. All though it is a standard measurement that can be obtained by nonprofessionals, it also does not always tell the full story. The biggest issue with looking to weight as an interpretation of health is that some people have more muscle than others. God made all of our bodies different! And we can celebrate His creativity in that!

We also need to be realistic with weights that are healthy for us. Since there is not a one size fits all weight, Body Mass Index (BMI) can be used as a good measure for healthy weight.

Majority of the mothers that are reading this are probably not aiming to be olympic powerlifters, or wanting to be bodybuilders, so it is safe to say this can be an accurate resource in interpreting your current weight and possibly getting an idea of what a healthy weight for you may be!

Let me explain a little how to use the BMI chart below. First you will need to know your height and weight. Once you have that you will find your height on the left hand side. While keeping your spot in that row, slide your way over until you are directly under your current weight, which is listed at the top. For instance I am 5'11" and currently weigh 160 pounds. My BMI therefore is 22. I fall within the healthy range.

Here is another example. Lets say a person is 5'6" and weighs 255. That person would have a BMI of 42 (note: the chart continues on the second image.)

So what does this mean?

Well the light yellow in these charts indicate someone that is under a healthy weight, the yellow is a healthy weight, the golden color is overweight. This is where the risk for health issues starts to come in. The orange is level 1 obese, the next orange color is level 2 obese and the red is level 3 obese. With each increase in level past a healthy weight research shows an increase in health risk!

So what can you do with this info? USE IT! I do not want this to be something that discourages you or makes you think you are too far away from your goal. I want this to be a motivational tool that will help you see where you are and where you can be!

I would love to help you get within that healthy range! Please contact me so we can figure out what plan works best for you! If you're ready to just start ASAP join my free trial!

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